Podman 5 does not support macOS 12

Don’t upgrade your Podman to version 5 if your macOS version is minor than 13.

I have a iMac 2015 late 27″, and it macOS version stopped at macOS 12 (but still has security update right now). Recently, I found that Podman on macOS 12 is not running, I tried to delete the podman machine, re-init it, start it but get some “vkfit” error when start the Podman machine.

I thought that might be some software crash on my iMac, I tried several search on Google, even asked ChatGPT, and no one can give me an answer.

Finally, I found the root cause. When I using Homebrew on my MacBook Pro 2018, I got this:

That’s why my iMac can’t run Podman, because I upgrade it to Podman 5. After I downgrade my Podman to 4.9.5 on my iMac, everything goes fine. But Podman Desktop still ask me to upgrade my iMac’s Podman to version 5:

I hope Podman Desktop development team see this, and fix it.

Also, at this moment (2024/06/02) Podman Desktop newest version is 1.10.3, but you can only see version 1.10.2 on Podman’s website:

If you download and install this version, after you start Podman Desktop, it will ask you to upgrade Podman Desktop; if you want to get the newest version of Podman Desktop, go to https://podman-desktop.io/downloads will be more safe:

Can’t find Podman v4.9.5 download link? Just go here: https://github.com/containers/podman/releases



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